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Peak Performance Upgrade

The "Peak Performance Upgrade" adds many powerful features for peak performance training. These features add variable amounts of intensity, unpredictability and uncontrollability to the gameplay which can be easily adjusted using simple options The gameplay goal is to learn to relax and focus under stress.

The "Peak Performance Upgradeā€ add 5 additional Driving Modes: Chase, Drag, Race, Competition and, for those who want something truly intense, Zombie Apocalypse :-)

The "Peak Performance Upgrade" also includes 20 additional, diverse, high-quality tracks/roads and 100 additional vehicles (yes, one hundred more vehicles!). The vehicles and the tracks are unlocked using optional points-based unlocking, which is a great incentive to stay focused during training. It's also a strong motivator to encourage repeat training sessions.

The "Peak Performance Upgrade" includes many, many other options, such as rain, ice, snow, fog and night mode.

The "Peak Performance Upgrade" can also be used to add variety to Zukor's Drive "Standard Version".

Watch Zukor's Drive "Peak Performance"

5 Driving Modes!

20 More Tracks!

100 More Vehicles!