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Software Development

From concept development and content creation to programming and testing, Zukor Interactive can help companies create cutting edge software to meet their needs for any market, especially medical, scientific, education or corporate. Our platform experience spans from Windoz, Linux, Mac OS to Web and mobile devices, including Android and iOS. We can also handle database development, data migration and legacy application reprogramming.


Zukor Interactive is highly experienced in programing games natively in all commonly used coding languages, including C++ or C#, or via sophisticated game authoring tools such as Unity3D, for all the platforms listed above. In addition to OS specific applications, Zukor Interactive can connect games to other applications for unique interactive functionality and data communication via tightly integrated API programming.

Graphic Design, 2D/3D Modeling, Animation

Creating original, highly-creative content development is a core skill of Zukor Interactive. With the right budget, our world-class team of designers can match the best of the gaming industry or Hollywood. However, even with a modest budget we can produce eye-popping content that will make your product or service standout in the market.

Software Testing, Debugging and Documentation

Zukor Interactive can do in-depth software testing, as well as source code debugging. We can also write software documentation, including user manuals, software installation/setup guides and features specifications.


Zukor Interactive can produce high-quality videos for training or promotional purposes. We have extensive experience in developing exciting videos to meet the most demanding requirements.


Our sister company, Zukor Marketing, can develop and implement high-impact marketing campaigns to create awareness of and interest for your company, product or service. From strategy development to tactical implementation, Zukor Marketing can handle all aspects of your marketing requirements, including online marketing, website development, direct mail, PR and more.

In addition to developing and marketing our own software for specialized fields, such as neurofeedback and biofeedback games, Zukor Interactive offers its creative and technical services to other companies wishing to develop sophisticated software or innovative interactive tools for all server, desktop or mobile platforms for any market or application type.

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