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Standard Version

Zukor's Drive "Standard Version" is designed for normal "relaxed-focus" neurofeedback training or any type of biofeedback training.

Zukor's Drive "Standard Version” offers solo or dual drive modes. There is also an unique doppelgänger option in which the second vehicle's performance is based on a previous session, i.e. compete against past performance.

Zukor's Drive "Standard Version" includes 15 diverse, fun vehicles and 5 high-quality tracks/roads. The vehicles and the tracks are unlocked using optional points-based unlocking. Points-based unlocking is a great incentive to stay focused during training. It's a strong motivator to encourage repeat training sessions.

Zukor's Drive "Standard Version" includes all the basic features or our other feedback games, such as profiles, scores, auditory feedback, session options and more.

An optional "Peak Performance Upgrade" is available which, in addition to great features for peak performance training, includes 100 additional vehicles and 20 more tracks. The "Peak Performance Upgrade" can also be used to add variety to "Zukor's Drive "Standard Version".

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3 Driving Modes!

5 High Quality Tracks/Roads!

15 Awesome Vehicles!