Zukor Interactive

Cutting-edge Game Development


Company Overview

Zukor Interactive is the classic startup.  The company designs and builds unique, interactive content for computers, mobile devices, videogame consoles and the Internet.  Zukor Interactive was founded by Samuel Turcotte, who brings his extensive experience in digital media computer technology and filmmaking together to develop cutting-edge games for specialized applications.

Zukor Interactive’s strength comes from both strong creative experience and core technical expertise.  The company develops interactive content for others, as well as itself.  Zukor Interactive’s first self-released product is Zukor’s Grind, an advanced neurofeedback game to be used by neurofeedback clinicians as a tool to help them more effectively treat kids for certain conditions, such as ADD/ADHD.

Zukor Interactive offers everything from detailed needs assessment to concept development and execution.  The company’s core expertise includes graphic design, 3D modeling, animation and game programming.  Ultimately, Zukor Interactive is uniquely positioned to create innovative, specialized games and interactive experiences for commercial, educational, scientific and medical purposes.

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Zukor's Clients

Zukor has created games, interactive training and simulation tools for these and many other companies.

Right Guard Dial Novartis Sun Microsystem Ryder