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In development for over five years, Zukor's Child is a suite of 20 high-quality feedback games intended for very young children.

The feedback games in Zukor's Child were conceptualized by Samuel Turcotte while observing his own children since birth. He watched how they played, the types of toys they favored, what characters appealed to them, the colors they liked, etc. His children, Helene & Jeff, are currently 3 1/2 and 5 years old.

The 20 feedback games in Zukor's Child are each visually enticing, but with very simple, intuitive gameplay. Each feedback game has a central visual focus with minimal peripheral distractions. The characters and objects are super "toonish" for maximum appeal to very younh children.

Zukor's Child is currently nearing completion with an expected early 2019 release. A "premie" version is available for purchase by early adopters at a discount. Contact us or one of our resellers for details.